Floating houses

Ladies and Gentlemen!

Bracia Tysler present:

Modern, floating houses ready to inhabit. Built in accordance with innovative composite technique used in construction of the high-speed trains, yachts and planes.

The floating houses offered by Bracia Tysler commence another technological era, unattainable for the 20th century, which allows to settle on a liquid basis, without the need of owning the building ground. onstructionland for construction The modular design allows transportation from the manufacturing base to the launching site, at any place in the world.

The house can be moved to any residencial spot, according to the owner’s whim.

The offer also comprises floating hotels, multi-family estates that can be located in ocean harbours, sea marinas, on the lakes and rivers.

A floating house is a modern office space.

A floating house is a guarantee of prestige, an excellent way of promotion and tax optimisation.

The ordered design of the house can be constructed at the Buyer’s request in compliance with individual needs, e.g. glass floor with a coral reef view, logotypes covering the whole surfice of the walls, any interior design and the colour of the walls, touch panels, solar an wind power plants, eetc.

Please, feel encouraged to contact us by phone.

The presentation of the floating house in Poland is possible in Bydgoszcz, after setting the individual meeting date.


Robert Tysler

Mobile: (+48) 668 339 479 

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